Backing tracks

I created my first backing tracks back in 1985. A theatre contacted me about a Stephen Sondheim play that needed the piano part for a song. Since then, I have been working in this field on and off. In 2008 it kind of became a bigger part of my professional work and finally in 2014, I became Musical Consultant for one of the largest publishers of musicals in Europe, NORDISKA and all of the following tracks is created for NORDISKA and appears here by courtesy of NORDISKA.

I also create tracks with string, brass or keyboard arrangements. I use the state of the art sound libraries from Spitfire Audio, VSL, Orchestra Tools, Native Instruments, Arturia and many more to create additional tracks for musical production. It’s an easy way to get the close to perfect orchestral sound – listen to track 2 in the list below!. I work in Cubase, Logic and Studio One, and can deliver in any formats and stems if you need it. I can of course also provide you with a full score of the arrangements.

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