The Score

The score

To create a score you need certain skills, and preferably a score program. I started out, many years ago, writing my scores in ink, but I was a first mover, and the first composer to create a score on a computer (Atari) for the Danish Radio Orchestra, back in the 80´. I have taught my fellow musicians to use Finale, and I even wrote a book in Danish about it. Since then I switched to Sibelius, and now it’s Dorico.
But it all ends up in a score. A song with just a melody line and some lyrics, a small combo as in an orchestra for the theatre or the full symphonic picture, it’s all possible. And if you later need a transposition or any other edit’s, I will find your score in my back up, and manage that as well. Go on, click on one of the images to see the scores.
Send me a MIDI track – even a mp3 will do, and I will start from here.

The Brothers Lionheart

This is a really wonderful score by Janne Lindstedt for the much beloved children’s play by the famous Astrid Lindgren. I also recorded all the music and edited the manuscript to create a coherent collection of all the material.


This score from SMERZ was a challenge brought to me by one of my old friends Jørgen Lauritsen. The Norwegian Smerz duo combines vocals, loops, strings and noisy synths and wanted a full score of the whole shebang! In fact a booklet AND the parts as well.​

Michael Vesterskov

Michael is a very close friend of mine, and I have been working with him for almost 10 years now. He’s a very productive artist, now also writing books and making podcasts. If he need a string or brass arrangement Michael calls me, and very often he also likes to have a lead sheet of the song.

Fairytales in Music

This is one of my own projects. The fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen has always been one of my favorites and especially The Little Match Girl. This wonderful story is narrated in 3 languages – Danish, English and Mandarin! – and available on all streaming services. 
The score is written for the full symphonic orchestra. Please contact me for further information.

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